Thanks Heavens for Unorthodox Names


Most likely we all know people in our current families with unusual names. Perhaps people are always spelling it wrong and/ or pronouncing it wrong.

I have a niece named Krystyna (it is pronounced Christina).It took me a little bit to know how to spell it but I had it down by her 1st birthday card. However much pain her name may give her and others currently, her future descendants will be thanking her.

It will never be difficult to find records or articles with her name in it. And odds are when it is found, they will be 99% assured that it is their ancestor Krystyna Stucker that they have found in history. She is insured of her place in the family tree with a branch and eventually a root that will never disappear.

I have an ancestor, that due to his atypical name, I was able to tie and find many more generations of family lines. My 6th great-grandfather Sylvanus (or Silvanus). I had been told by family that he had fought in the revolutionary war. But I did not know anything else.

So, I looked up when the revolutionary war was fought…1775-1783.

Then I used and on-line searches for Sylvanus or Silvanus Schofield with birth prior to 1775.

I then spent time on and off for months reading up on military records, other people’s submitted family trees, birth and death records, forum submittals (I’ll blog about on-line genealogy forums next time) leading to on-line discussions with distant cousins.

From all of that I was able to put together Sylvanus Schofield’s history and how it tied to my g-g-grandfather. Knowing that fact, one of my distant cousins provided me a professional genealogist report of the Schofields (including Sylvanus) all the way back to England in the year 1272. Wow!

So if you get stuck in your family history search, look for one of those unorthodox names in your family history and start searching there. They may be the key to finding out much more about your genealogy along with other associated family members in their family tree line.


2 thoughts on “Thanks Heavens for Unorthodox Names

  1. This post is very interesting! That is beyond exciting that you were able to track your family history all the way back to 1272, that is amazing! The trick of using an uncommon name to research is very smart as well. With the name Kailey Quinn, I have yet to find my name on those mugs, shot glasses, keychains, etc. with my name on it! Haha. For a class we had to google ourselves and an article I was in in high school popped up first. So it’s safe to say that I will be easy to find in the future! Haha. Not to mention I’ll stick out like a sore thumb on my family tree!

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