Famous Versus Memorable Family Members


Being famous. Is that not something we all want? Or at least have one famous person in our family?

When researching your family history, you will most likely find a tie to someone famous or prominent. They did something that the majority of the population knows about or at least has heard of in passing.

I have those people in my family line and it can be fun to think you are related to them, but after a while you recognize their accomplishments are not yours. And after all you never even knew them in person; they have passed away long ago.

Over time you will realize, it is the more recent relatives that you will find are the most inspiring and memorable to you. You have real memories of being with them  and perhaps you are even lucky enough to be able to spend time with them now.

Cherish those relatives and be sure to capture their history and stories for future generations to read. Then future generations can learn about those ancestors they were never lucky enough to have known in person as you did. Are not those ancestors the real ‘famous’ people in our family tree?




One thought on “Famous Versus Memorable Family Members

  1. This is true! Apparently my family on my Dad’s side is related to the first governor of Jamestown, Obviously he was English, but I am made up of mostly Norwegian and Swede so I don’t feel very English. Haha. I am more proud of what my parents have accomplished as being the first people in their families to go to college or being a four-sport athlete in high school. Or my Papa as a veteran of the Korean War. Maybe one day my family will reminisce me as being the first college athlete in my family as well as other things! Haha.

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